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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 19, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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right now at 5:00 a historic road repair project kicking up in the south bay. how many miles of san jose streets are getting a makeover. mass shooting plans foiled and a suspect arrested. what americans are saying about gun control and a new nbc news poll. tesla's roadster that's floating out in space clocks a new milestone. still ahead, the journey that is just completed. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. back to school for a lot of kids. san francisco schools, west contra costa school district, livermore schools, a lot more going on today but look we want to say welcome back to school, have a great school year. we're going to be here with you the whole time. >> not for algebra, sorry, you're on your own.
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>> we'll get you out the door. >> this is the time of morning parents are planning the day for their kids so let's talk about the temperatures. currently at 60 degrees in the south bay, but let's get right to that san francisco unified school day, because we're going to keep a lot of the cloud cover early on by about 10:00 a.m. look at that 61 degrees and we'll stick to the low 60s, it isn't until 2:00, 3:00, we'll start to climb into the mid-60s. so a little bit of a breezy day in san francisco. might even feel a little chilly at times and of course, west contra costa unified school day getting warmer a lot quicker than san francisco for sure. 10:00 a.m., 68 degrees and then we're talking 70s by the time the kids head out to lunch, at about 12:00, 73 degrees. topping out in the 80s, parents. i bet the parents are happy to have the kids back in school. is that so, mike? >> probably so. it will also affect the parents and their commute. toward the bay bridge where even though san francisco is coming back online, the folks headed into san francisco appear to be going earlier today. filling in all lanes, no
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metering lights just yet from the oakland side. oakland came back online last week so they've had last week to adjust to their morning schedule. i see some slowing southbound 880 around seventh, that will be an issue, an overnight crew moving at this point, i'll double check with caltrans. walnut creek, orinda station on time. we haven't seen any delays. it's early more most of the trains and highway 24 completely reopens as well from over the weekend b.a.r.t. work. no problems in through the south bay. a smooth drive at least on the highways. back to you. >> mike, some news about roads this morning, some of the busiest and bumpiest roads are getting a makeover. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live for us in san jose where the city plans to repave every road within the next nine years. we're talking about a lot of miles here, bob. >> reporter: we are. we're talking about over 2,400 miles, marcus. we're standing on mel rose avenue, behind me, not far from king and mckee here in san jose, and this road used to be rated poor, because it was so worn
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down and krokcracked but it loo like new. it's one of many streets being repaved. later this afternoon, san jose mayor sam liccardo and other city leader also stand out here and hold ace news conference to let residents know san jose plans to repave all 2,400 plus miles of road within city limits within the next nine years. this is maintenance long overdue. you might recall a report last year by a national transportation research group called t.r.i.p. that ranked san jose second nationwide for having the worst roads with 64% in poor condition. there was another report last year that stated 400 miles roughly in san jose of roads in san jose were in desperate need of repair. the city started repaving earlier this year using money from measures b, t and sb1. the goal is to repave 200 miles of residential streets plus an additional 80 milds of manes of roads by year's end. this would be the biggest year
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on record when it comes to numbers of miles of roads repaved. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, bob. the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire trial marks three weeks since jurors first received the case, deciding the fate of derek almena and max harris, both charged in involuntary manslaughter. if convicted they could be sentenced to nearly 40 years in prison. nbc bay area has a spot in the newsroom. whenever a verdict is reached we'll bring that to you live on nbc bay area. happening today a man who authorities said was caught attacking a woman. these show austin james vincent. his public defender put out the new photo following the release of the booking photo on the
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left. the incident has sparked a debate over the homeless navigation center being built near the condo where the victim was attacked and that victim is weighing in. she wants the city to stop construction pointed to a drug and mental illness problem in the city. >> please take action. don't build this here. you don't have the capability to properly manage it. you don't even know who these people are. >> that woman has joined the group that recently sued to block the center. the mayor's office is committed to the plan, arguing other navigation centers have not led to a neighborhood crime spike. breaking news to bring you on this monday morning, take a look at the flames, leaping from this palette fire happening in salem, oregon. understandably there it is four alarms, 100-foot flames leaping into the air, a lot of firefighters on the scene attempting to get this one out, and also trying to keep the fires from spreading. we'll keep our eye on this for
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any developments. authorities in northern ohio arrested a man they said made social media threats against a jewish center. 20 years old james reardon posted a video showing a semiautomatic rifle. it mentioned a local jewish community center. after investigators were notified they found semiautomatic weapons and ammunition at reardon's home. he's due in court later today. authorities in two other states, florida and connecticut, also say they made weekend arrests that may have stopped mass shooti shootings. a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll conducted following the most recent mass shootings shows where americans stand when it comes to gun control. 89% of americans favor expanded background checks on owl firearm sales and transfers. 76 back red flag laws that help law enforcement temporarily remove guns from those deemed a danger to themselves or others, and 75% of those polled support the idea of the government buying back unwanted guns, and
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62% of americans favor banning the sale of assault weapons. pleasanton's downtown could soon be growing up. a plan to allow taller buildings to downtown over the next 20 years may be approved at tomorrow's city council meeting. the plan has been in the works for years now, but it is not without opposition. some residents say it will destroy the city's small town feel. the plan would rise the height limit for public and institutional buildings from 40 feet to 46 feet. commercial buildings would be capped at 40 feet. happening today, in contra costa county, the pleasant hill councilmembers vote on allowing a pair of delivery only medical marijuana businesses. under the proposed ordinance, those stores would have to be at least 600 feet away from schools, day care centers and youth centers, and no other types of marijuana business would be allowed within city limits. firefighters rescued cats from trees countless times but yesterday firefighters had to save a dog in san mateo. the crowd gathered to watch as
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the men on truck safe ly took that dog from a balcony on south b street. firefighters posted the video on social media but didn't mention how the dog got stuck in the first place. maybe it got locked out, i don't know. >> that's weird. why couldn't they go through the home or whatever it was? the business. hmm, but he's stuck on the balcony, not the tree. >> but safely down to the ground. >> if i had a balcony i'd have to child proof my balcony. >> i've had a dog fall off the balcony. that is so important. you have to check. >> absolutely. today he'll get an extended walk but early on hopefully during my break temperatures will be comfortable but might get too warm in through the afternoon. all in all we're starting out our morning with the cloudy skies especially along the coastline. san francisco will be topping out into the upper 60s and again, we have that onshore flow that's going to kick up those
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winds to a little bit of a breezy day, and a lot less cloud cover in through the inland areas for the afternoon, so much better clearing, which also means a little bit more of a warmup in through concord. 83 degrees, it's going to be a pleasant day, compared to the 90s that we've got coming up ahead. let's get a check of the traffic with mike. >> should be pleasant at the bay bridge toll plaza but we do see a big backup now. notice the fastrak lanes are moving slowly. the group arrived earlier than we often see. the cash lanes are lightening up. a lot of main line commuters are coming in, maybe because oakland schools started last week so folks have had a chance to adjust to the fall commute schedule. we'll watch that and see how things adjust. there's slowing but getting less focused now spreading it self out south 880 past seventh where there is a crew blocking two lanes. looks like the crew might be on the move, about 45 minutes earlier than they have to clear and that's good news. no problems looking at the early clearing for 24 and no problems
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for the b.a.r.t. work over there and san jose looks great a couple school districts in in the south bay including the fremont and union high school district so good luck to you. back to you. >> yeah! school's back. 5:10 right now. coming up, elon muss something presenting a new plan to put solar panels on more american rooftops. up next, the new incentive that may get to you go green. a lot more rich people today in silicon valley and san francisco as the cuffs come off lyft stock. i'll walk you through it. this is no laughing matter. a full-blown manhunt for one wedding crasher who is showing no love for newlyweds. we'll have that story coming up at 5:25. it is 5:10 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." from the couldn't be prouders
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good morning. it's 5:13 and it's going to be an afternoon in the upper 70s. low to mid 80s for the inland areas but check out san jose, we'll start up with some cloud cover by 11:00 a.m. the sun will come out, dominating in the forecast, once again warming us up comfortably into the upper 70s by about 12:00. i'll look at how the rest of the bay area is doing today coming up. and crossing the bay, taillights going west. your commute direction across 92 is the san mateo bridge and it looks just fine right now. we are seeing an early backup over at the bay bridge and some slowing just south of there, so we'll sort out that east bay commute coming up. and good morning.
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a happy monday to you. lyft is making news. i will get to that one in a second. markets look to bounce higher after president trump said positive things about talks with china. now he met with apple's tim cook on sunday. they had dinner. it sounded like cook convinced him to make apple a special case and keep iphones tariff free. as for china, president trump tweeted "we are doing very well with china, and talking!" a busy week for fed watcher this is week. wednesday we get the minutes from the latest fomc meeting, those are the tea leaves showing the reasoning behind the rate cut. friday, powell will speak. there's an all-out battle between the white house and the fed. the white house wants the fed to lower rates to boost the economy. the fed wants to show it's independent and can't be bossed around but probably should lower rates to boost the economy but the white house doesn't want the fed to do that if by doing so it's saying the economy is in trouble. this is video from march and
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lyft ringing the electronic bell on the nasdaq after its successful ipo. today the lockup on lyft shares ends. as of today, a lot of people who have lyft shares who are not allowed to sell them will be allowed to sell them if they wish. that could put a lot of lyft shares on the market. you know the deal with supply and demand. so watch lift today. then over the next few months, let me show you all the other logos. a number of other companies that went public in the early part of '19 their lockups expire as well including pinterest, uber and chewy. chewy is the online pet store that delivers things like dog food. i've been mystified how it's different than to be honest with you. >> i remember. they don't have a puppet. >> they don't have a puppet. they need a puppet. also i get the excuse to run this video and i'll take this excuse to run this video at any time. it was one of the greatest tv commercials of all-time. >> very memorable but they just
5:16 am
didn't make it. >> because they delivered dog food, which is what chewy does. explain to me the difference. >> timing. >> thanks, scott. 5:15 for you right now. you might want to consider packing an empty water bottle before you catch your next flight at sfo. starting tomorrow the airport will no longer sell plastic bottles, not in restaurants more vending machines. this is part of the airport's effort to become more green. sfo installed more than 100 new water fountains. silicon valley's comicon a big success. organizers say more than 75,000 people attended. celebrities came to san jose to greet pop culture and tech fans including the terminator, arnold schwarzenegger, and jason mamo who you may better know as aquaman. tesla is offering rooftop solar panels for rent. elon musk tweets it's available in six states including california as low as $65 a
5:17 am
month. musk says that consumers can consell any time. however, there is a catch here. it will cost you $1,500 to remove the panels and restore your roof. speaking of tesla, remember the roadster shot into space? the car and driver starman, the mannequin, have completed their first orbit around the sun. believe it or not, it's been 558 days since the spacex launch. the car traveled over 762 million miles, certainly well over the 36,000 mile warranty. next stop for the car is mars, where it will arrive in october of next year. >> still playing the music? remember they were playing? >> yes. tires are fine. >> hopefully not "major tom" now. >> the producer said it is still playing the music. >> seems strange just to put space junk out there. >> we did not call tesla -- >> no, i did.
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>> i'm still standing by for mine. >> i don't have one. i'm honda, let's go. all right, 58 degrees right now in san francisco. wind speeds 8 miles per hour, and we are going to notice that it's going to be breezy this day or this afternoon into the early morning hours as well, but right now in san jose, 60 degrees. so the onshore flow along the coastline is what's really going to kick up the winds but also what's helped cleared our air quality so nicely. look at the north bay, the coast, inland east bay, south bay, santa clara valley, we're noticing really good air quality, so go outside, take a nice, deep breather, and maybe take your new pup you might have rescued out for an early morning run. by the afternoon here is a look at your microclimate highs. it's still warm but we're below normal for this time of year for inland areas. san jose 82 degrees. 83 degrees for morgan hill. in through the east bay, 72 for oakland. 82 in martinez.
5:19 am
pleasanton 85, and along the peninsula, 77 degrees in redwood city. 78 in palo alto. san francisco will top out in the upper 60s and talking 80s for the north bay. warming ahead. we've got this sort of comfortable weather that will linger with us and by wednesday and thursday, high pressure moves in from the southern plains and when that moves in, guess what's going to happen? our temperatures are going to warm up into the mid-70s for san francisco. mike? >> all right, vianey, they'll go down but they'll go back up again. looking at traffic, it's clear but it will back up again as well. that's typical for the morning commute. little blips here and there, nothing dramatic here. we'll zoom toward the slowing southbound 880 coming off the interchange with the bay bridge and down past seventh, we'll focus on the construction zone. i do believe the two lanes should be opened up over the next 15 minutes. but we have seen a slower drive over the last 20 because again crews are moving and clearing from overnight roadwork. slow down for the flashing
5:20 am
lights and the cone zones wherever you are. the bay bridge toll plaza is the only other spot that shows any slowing. we have a nice drive through the rest of contra costa county, west contra costa county, schools coming online. same thing for livermore schools and that may affect the week's commute later on in the week. we have had a week for oakland to adjust and we have seen more traffic this week than last week about this time at the toll plaza. metering lights should be turned on any second now and again, no b.a.r.t. delays, the stations reopened but we have a delay for capitol corridor. >> thanks, mike. think about your big day ruined by wedding crashers. up next, why authorities are now offering thousands of dollars to help capture a woman they say keeps ruining people's weddings. check out this photo of kari hall, she's sharing it on instagram of her kids. she said it was snapped in the middle of their conversation. be sure to follow kari on your favorite social media platform. we'll all be back. you're watching "today in the bay." we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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welcome back everyone. it is 5:23. happening today a former lyft driver accused of kidnapping answering sexually abusing a rider is expected to appear in a san mateo county courthouse. prosecutors say tony colocolo picked up a woman outside a san mateo bar last weekend. he's accused of driving her to her home in tracy and sexually asalting her, after she passed out in his car. he's expected to enter a plea
5:24 am
today. developing now, afghanistan celebrating its independence day. this comes just two days after a deadly terror attack at a wedding party. at least 63 people died in that suicide bombing. isis has since claimed responsibility. the violence is raising new concerns about the trump administration's plan to withdraw u.s. troops from afghanistan, where there are now around 14,000 u.s. troops. continuing coverage, hong kong is returning to normal today, this is after a weekend of massive protests. streets were filled with workers right now while organizers, according to organizers i should say, more than 1.7 million people filled the streets during sunday's demonstrations, despite heavy rain. the protests were overwhelmingly peaceful, after violent clashes last week between police and demonstrators. protesters last week also filled hong kong's airport and hundreds of flights were canceled. demonstrators are angry over the proposed mainland extradition bill. 5:24 for you right now. a sad story to tell you about a,
5:25 am
a 9-year-old girl talking about her big scare friday when she was bitten by a shark while playing in the ocean in florida. >> it felt like a grab at first, and then like it just ripped into the skin and that's when it hurt and felt like a bite. >> that shark bit mallory crumm as she played in knee-deep water with her two sisters. video shows the bandages where the shark grabbed onto her leg leaving her with 12 stitches. her family's visiting from florida, visiting florida from ohio. the attack happened at new smyrna beach, the scene of about ten shark attacks over the past month. you can see the full interview, coming up on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m., right after "today in the bay." wow. 5:25 right now. sounds like someone's been inspired by the popular film "wedding crashers." >> in this case the story not tuny at all. authorities in texas are looking for an unidentified woman, actually calling the wedding crasher.
5:26 am
surveillance video shows her walking into weddings outside san antonio. victims say the problem is she's leaving with envelopes that hold cash and gift cards. one couple only found out about being victims when their wedding planner told them the next day. >> and she said like she was so, so sorry but someone had slipped into the wedding unnoticed and swiped most of our gift cards and letters. >> you can imagine that feeling? >> sad, rude. >> authorities have now released surveillance images, you're looking at them right now, after tracking down one location, where they actually say she used a gift card that was stolen from newlyweds. >> karma. it's going to get her. up next, top stories we're following on this monday morning. >> including preparing you for your morning commute, coming up in a live report, the big change in how you pay for your rides that's starting today at one of the buzzest stations. plus, as more bay area families head back to school today, there's new talk of helping teachers find affordable homes.
5:27 am
we're live with details of a new plan to build teacher housing in the south bay. and taking a live look for us right now, the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. mike inouye will have a look at that commute for you. vianey in for kari this morning with a look at your forecast. you're watching "today in the bay." we live with at&t
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♪ are you ready? ♪ are you ready for some fun? ♪ ♪ ♪ are you ready? ♪ we can't stop, we've only just begun. ♪ ♪ ♪ oooooooooo... ♪ i'll show you something ♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ i'll show you something, i'll show you something... ♪ ♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ and good monday morning to you. taking a live look out at the bay bridge. you can see all the cars on the road getting started with their work week. >> yeah! >> we want to thank you for
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starting your work week right here with us on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> ayn i and i'm laura garcia. school is back in session for a lot of students as well. west contra costa unified heading back as well as vallejo city unified. they'll have good weather today? >> good weather, a little bit warm through the afternoon but by the kind of early morning hours for san francisco, because i know san francisco unified is headed back it will be a little cloudy. down through the south bay, your temperature trend by 9:00 a.m. 64 degrees. 71 degrees by 11:00 a.m., and in through concord, remember we're talking about contra costa also getting back to school. it's going to be a little warmer, but below normal for this time of year, so enjoy those kind of upper 70s, low to mid 80s for the afternoon. now let's get a check of traffic with mike. >> schools in alameda coming online, livermore, sunnyville looking toward the bay bridge we have a week to adjust for oakland schools to start. more parents hitting the road
5:31 am
earlier. the metering lights were turns on at 5:12 this morning so we saw an earlier bigger back yum. it's sorting out to its standard and slowing south past seventh it's starting to clear up. crews are clearing. good news for walnut creek, orinda and highway 24 coming up in a second. i want to show you the rest of the bay bridge. roadways are moving pretty well. back over there to the contra costa county area the guys you have more on what went on this weekend. you will no longer be able to use paper tickets at the busiest station in san francisco. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live from the embarcadero station with the details on it. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning guys. starting this morning, you can only purchase clipper cards at the embarcadero station in san francisco, as we stand in front of one of these stations here at the embarcadero station. the goal by b.a.r.t. they hope this will make things more efficient in the long run for
5:32 am
riders and the transit company. four stations will take part in the pilot program, the 19th street station in oakland beginning august 5th, emba embarcadero today and powell street in downtown berkeley next month. you can still use paper tickets to enter or exit gates. riders can add enough fare to a paper ticket to exit a station. as far as why b.a.r.t. is doing this, they say the clipper card will save money, reusable over a longer period of time, doesn't jam up fare gates and reduces paper waste. as we take you back out here live to the embarcadero station, b.a.r.t. will be handing out free clipper cards today at the embarcadero through wednesday and the goal for b.a.r.t. is to make this a systemwide expansion by 2020. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, it's pretty simple, as long as you remember the card. thanks, pete. 5:32, happening today, it is
5:33 am
the first day of school for students in the bay area's largest school district, talking about san francisco unified, and more than 60,000 students start classes today. mayor london breed is going to stop by a few of those schools, star king elementary and roosevelt middle school later this morning to greet the students as well as the parents. it's a very big challenge for many people looking to live and work in the most expensive metro area in the country, we're talking san jose and santa clara. there's a new effort to help teachers with affordable places to live in silicon valley. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live in santa clara to tell us who is behind it all. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning, to you, laura. teachers and staff and faculty often find themselves in the middle of the housing crunch because the paychecks have not kept up with the meteoric rise in the cost of living here in the bay area. but now the city of san jose and santa clara university may work together to create a partnership in order to create more affordable housing. santa clara university is asking the city to change the zoning
5:34 am
for this three-acre site on campbell avenue near the university's baseball diamond in order to allow residential development. the proposal is for 290 units of housing designated for the staff of santa clara university, bellerman college repertory. it would exist at below market rate and the proposal also calls for 26,000 square feet of commercial space. according to "the mercury news" city staff recommended rejecting this proposal in order to keep industrial use land available, but san jose inside reports in april the planning commission voted to move forward. there is another public discussion happening tonight at 6:00 at santa clara university's locatelli student center. the meet something open to the public. there is a business on the property right now, but there is also some housing on the stretch of campbell avenue right here the university, so definitely there will be a conversation
5:35 am
about what's more important, creating more affordable housing or retaining land that can be used for employment and growth and businesses. in santa clara, san jose, right on the border, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, kris. 5:35 right now. in the north bay this morning teachers in the forestville union school district will be back in school following a strike, it ended last week when the 16 teachers reached a new three-year deal. the forestville teachers association says it includes a 5% raise over the next two years. new details and a happy development overnight in the search for a missing jet skier in the north bay. one sonoma county deputy tells us all about it. >> that's mr. young right there. he got air lifted. he got transported and he's going to get treated for a complaint, just got to see how he's doing. >> this is video from a facebook live deputies posted overnight, shows 53-year-old eddie young arriving by helicopter at north bay medical center. he got lost yesterday after he
5:36 am
went to get help for his friend whose jet ski had run out of gas in grizzly bay north of port chicago. his friend made it to civilization and was the one who reported young was missing about 4:00 p.m. a marine search team found young some seven hours later on an island in suni bay. >> 5:36 right now. butte county authorities identified the remains of another victim in the camp fire. 68-year-old judith cypher of paradise died in november. 86 other people died in the massive fire in paradise. three more victims remains have tentatively been identified but haven't been named. two of the victims are still unknown. 15,000 homes were destroyed. happening right now in southern nevada a growing wildfire threatening homes and other structures. the fire is burning in laughlin, about 95 miles south of las vegas. it started yesterday afternoon and it burned more than 100 acres. the evacuation orders are now in
5:37 am
effect. and check this out. this is the power of wind. two trains are blown over in central kansas yesterday. wind gusts were apparently over 80 miles per hour. that is strong. in total, 140 train cars derailed. more storm worries. a lightning show impacted a backstreet boys concert in hershey, pennsylvania. take a listen. >> the officials here are stopping us momentarily. there's lightning in the area. >> this is last night where the show was put on hold for two hours. after the boys returned, it was stopped again because of the weather, and this time that show was canceled. sounds like the raiders are more than ready to have their new star player at camp. >> it's starting to sound like they may be fed up with all the delays.
5:38 am
>> from our perspective, it's time for him to be all in or all out, okay? so we're hoping he's back soon. we got 89 guys busting their tails. we are really excited about where this franchise is going, and we open a.b. is going to be a big part of it. >> strong words from raiders general manager mike mayock. he's talking about top free agent signee antonio brown who is still missing from practice because the nfl won't allow him to wear his old helmet. the raiders believe a.b. would be back by now. of course, all of this will be quickly forgotten if the raiders can put it together when the real games start next month. satisfaction for rolling stones fans who had a late night at levi's. ♪ don't you worry about what's on your mind, oh, no ♪ >> that man still can move. look at him. the stones spent the entire night with the capacity crowd but definitely blew past the original 10:00 p.m. curfew. 49ers stadium management and the city of santa clara prearranged to have that curfew extended until 11:00 p.m. so yes, the stones did have their time on
5:39 am
their side. and remember, that concert had to be rescheduled from may, when mick jagger underwent a successful heart procedure. >> looks like he's doing great. >> apparently doing just fine. picture tells a thousand words. good news, they got their curfew extended. good stuff. >> always a good thing. >> it's nice. they earned their time here. looking toward the south bay, where i guess there will be a lot of folks recovering after having had a late night there. if you went to the concert and you're up now, congratulations. you have nice green roadways for most of the bay. drive through contra costa county a few flow of traffic. 238 and the bay bridge where the metering lights are on that's not a surprise. good earlier backup, i've circled the shield there, not because of the shield but because of what's behind it. my map is updated and the crash west 80 at tennessee coming through vallejo but should be off to the shoulder shortly. >> shortly. so it's monday morning. already looking forward to the
5:40 am
weekend. >> we always do that. >> because the kids are back in school, you know for some of the districts today, after summer, and let's look forward to your saturday and sunday forecast. it's going to be a little warmer this weekend because remember, i said that we were below normal this past weekend. well, we have a ridge of high pressure that's going to roll on in, already starting to make its move by wednesday, and then by next weekend, our temperatures are going to climb back up into the 90s. so inland areas on saturday expect temperatures to range between 90, 95 degrees, even for the bay, we're talking 70s on the map and along the coastline, some upper 60s are expected, but notice in the icons, we'll get some good clearing, a lot of sunshine, and then as we head in towards sunday, temperatures will remain hot, 97 degrees for inland areas for the bay, 72 and the coast will inch into those 70s, so it's going to be a fantastic weekend. hopefully to get away and head to the beach, and act like you didn't just start school today. maybe the parents love it.
5:41 am
that's usually how it goes. do the parents love it? i'm not a mommy yet. >>' and no. brings on a whole bunch of other bu business. >> did you cry? >> not any more. at the beginning. now it's like bye, study hard. 5:41 right now. coming up all new, a deadly crash forcing the closure of a busy road in downtown fremont. up next, when that roadway is expected to reopen. and the white house this morning defending the economy. president trump has tied his re-electionness cha nes chances. burning manifest i feel days away. the big question today, the impact of the desert dust. could it cause serious health problems? what experts are saying, coming up next. it is 5:41. you're watching "today in the bay." it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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temperature change right now no big changes. our temperatures are going to be similar to what you saw yesterday, but enjoy somewhat cooler temperatures. a big warmup on the way expected into the middle of the week. i'll break down the timing of that and daytime highs, coming up. >> looking at oakland, traffic flows smoothly past vianey, who is showing you the nice flow of the nimitz freeway, good stuff as you are passing by the coliseum. >> thanks so much, vianey and mike. 5:44. a man is dead after being hit in downtown fremont while
5:45 am
crossing the street. it happened just before midnight on paseo padre parkway. the road is not expected to reopen until 8:00 this morning. fremont police say the cause of the accident is under investigation. it's not clear if drugs or alcohol were involved. talk about a spicy drug bust. border patrol agents showing off their latest catch. agents stopped more than $2 million worth of marijuana at the border near san diego on thursday. the 7,500 pounds of pot mixed in with the shipment of jalapeno peppers. earlier last week agents also seized 10,000 pounds of marijuana, that was in a shipment of plastic auto parts. the countdown is on for more adventure. burning man is less than one week away. tens of thousands will flock to the black rock nevada desert playa and inevitably they will
5:46 am
be breathing in a lot of dust. a new study telling us that dust does not pose any health threat to people who breathe it in. that's according to the reno gazette journal. veteran burners often band themselves with bandanas, masks to help their noses as well as the throats. experts recommend that people with issues like asthma take extra precaution. one veteran burner is really feeling burned you might say, after a recent theft caught on video. >> surveillance video shows what he says are the thieves walking off friday with what he calls his pride and joy. it's a bike car he's taken with him to burning man for the past decade or so, taken from his san jose home on friday. even later he recovered some but critical pieces are missing that he won't have time to restore before next weekend. >> it's crazy, takes 20 minutes to dismantle something but months to build. >> he says he only managed to get even part of his creation back because he posted a plea to facebook and someone told him where to find it and what was
5:47 am
left of it. the president is once again touting the strong economy. >> scott mcgrew, he says the media is trying to push the u.s. into recession. >> he does. there's no question we in the media have some power, marcus, to set the overall mood but if we have the power to push an economy into recession we also assume we have the power to pull a country out of recession, i guarantee you we don't have the power to do that. what is weighing on the economy is the trade war. here is the president speaking about china. >> they're losing millions and millions of jobs in china, and we're not paying for the tariffs, china is paying for the tariffs, for the 100th time. >> no, they don't. even mr. trump acknowledged that in a recent speech delayed a number of tariffs saying it would cost americans too much at christmas. top economic adviser defending it on sunday morning's "meet the press." >> well i tell you what, i sure don't see a recession.
5:48 am
we had some blockbuster retail sales consumer numbers towards the back end of last week, really blockbuster numbers, and in fact, despite a lot of worries with the volatile stock market, most economists on wall street toward the end of the week had been marking up their forecast for the third and fourth quarter. >> president trump once again claiming lots of people voted in the 2016 election who should not have voted. he made that claim in new hampshire saying thousands and thousands voted improperly there. the head of the american elections, the chairwoman of the federal elections committee has said over and over it's not true and she wants trump to prove. she says there comes a time where you need to lay your cards on the table or fold. fake voting may not be a big problem but all of a sudden we are seeing people woe uponizing legitimate data, registration data and contribution data as a weapon. recently congressman joaquin
5:49 am
castro published the names of big trump supporters in his hometown of san antonio. it is public data, you can look it up, who donates to trump, biden or castro or whoever in palo alto on your phone, but using it as a weapon, that's a whole nother thing. this seems new. in fact we saw it touring the debatd over prop 8 in california. the ceo of mozilla lost his job after he donated to support prop 8 which prohibited gay marriage. his critics publicized that donation. it may not have reflected employees values but well within his rights to make that contribution. we're watching everything that's happening in washington. follow me on twitter, i' i'i'm @scot i'm @scottmcgrew. proved to be another massive >> clear the shelters event proved to be another massive success. you may have seen marcus and i we were out there as well as the other friendly paces from nbc
5:50 am
bay area and our sister station telemundo 48. there's mike inouye. it was so great. more than a thousand pets were adopted just in our location alone. that doesn't include all of our nbc bay area and telemundo stations across the country. for more information on participating shelters, just go to our website on our website, it also has complete coverage of our big event. it was nice to see how animals were quickly adopted out. clear the shelters so we can fill them back in again. >> saving lives. >> i did give this piece of advice from a rescue mama to new rescue parents over the weekend that one of the key points when adopting a pet is being patient. >> i remember you saying that. >> you have to be patient because you don't know the background, the history of the dog or cat. >> that's true and you learn things about them. >> they have their own personalities. you're bringing them into an environment they've never been around. they have to get to know you. don't be so quick to maybe think oh i regret this, this is too
5:51 am
much work. >> there's nothing like a rescue animal. once that love and bond is there, oh, they don't want too leave your side. >> my dog is a rescue, binks. we adjusted to get to know each other. >> now he runs the whole house. >> now he runs the whole house. he's a good boy. i can leave him alone and he doesn't rip or bite anything, so you see, with time, you get to know your pet and they get to know the do's and don'ts of your household. right now we have a little bit of fog. it's 56 degrees in mill valley. clearlake in oakland also expecting to be in the 50s now, but we will be warming up, but because of that sea breeze and the cloud cover, our air quality has been pretty good over the last 24 hours and it will continue to be fairly nice in through the afternoon. your microclimate highs for today will be much more comfortable in the coastline area because we're going to be in the 60s. a little bit further inland areas like oakland 73, and we're still expecting a couple of 80s for the tri-valley.
5:52 am
we're below normal so typically we're supposed to be in the 90s, and we enjoyed a lovely weekend in the 80s but we've got changes up ahead and we've got this kind of pacific northwest rain that's kind of lingering nearby and we've also got this ridge of high pressure that's moving in from the southern plains, westward into the bay area into wednesday and thursday, and look at the temperatures for san francisco, we're talking 70s by wednesday, our warmest day right now possibly thursday, 75 degrees for san francisco, and 95 in inland areas. mike? >> woo, 95, tough to say that any time it's above 90. looking athe the south bay, smooth drive, no surprises. little blips coming in for san jose, hayward, san leandro, typical flow there. we talked about the deadly frash crash in fremont, the stores are not involved, just in that paseo
5:53 am
area. back to you. happening now, thousands are being evacuated in the canary islands due to fast-moving wildfires. the latest was burning more than 4,200 acres. nine helicopters and planes adding aid to firefighters an army personnel working those shifts. evacuations extended to at least 40 towns. >> 5:53. next and new, a box office surprise, did you see the movie that defied expectations? we're going to tell you which film and why its success is so rare. plus -- >> we have extremely sensitive data for these students and we want to protect that. >> which is more important? privacy or protection? next, a brand new conversation with the south bay company whose business is booming. they track students online, activity at school. you're watching "today in the bay."
5:54 am
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5:57 am
in the meantime, follow mike on all his social media platforms, facebook, twitter and instagram. >> a lot of love there. >> 5:56 this morning. new for you, a surprise winner for the weekend box office. >> "good boys" dibeaued at $21 million. it's rare because the coming of age comedy is rated "r." the last r rated movie was "the boss" in 2016. typically r rated movies with a harder time reaching number one because kids and most teenagers can't go to see them. if you ever have been on an amusement park vacation and felt guilty for sleeping n it's hard to do, losing some valuable roller coaster time or time waiting in line, disney is actually trying to capitalize on that. >> disney world is offering a midday magic ticket that gets you in after 12:00 p.m. the two-day tickets start at $88 a day, 25% below what you'd
5:58 am
spend for two $116 full day tickets. >> you have to cram in all the events though. the idea of keeping kids safe at school is taking off. a san jose company that started six years ago is serving 10,000 school districts with 10 million student students. securl monitoring who students are searching on devices and reports it to school administrators. >> they can be proactive and intervene if they know a student is looking at harmful things, if they are expressing that they want to harm others through social media or email. the things that securally is looking to combat, self-harm, violence, bullying. >> for many families, protecting privacy comes second to protecting the child. now to a food recall to skel
5:59 am
y recall to tell you about a. >> tyson foods recalling weaver chicken breast pattis. they may be contaminated with nonedible materials. the agency didn't offer additional details what those might be. it was shipped nationwide and a use by date of january 31st. the usda's food safety and inspection service says that the problem was discovered after people complained. new today, a promising new lead in the push to cure food allergies. this morning on the "today" show a stanford doctor talks about the peanut pill and the peanut patch. here's nbc ace kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: do you envision a future without food allergies? >> there will be some groups that might need to have therapy every day for the rest of their lives but might be some people that can stopper this by and do fine. >> it gives patients miniscule amounts of peanuts until the body develops a tolerance and
6:00 am
stops reacting. at 7:00 om, a discussion of how quickly we could see products approved by the fda and be available to families. right now at 6:00, repaving roads, a nearly decade long work starting today. homeless center fight, the renewed push against a controversial navigation in san francisco over a terrifying atack outside a won dough. the new look we're getting at the suspect this morning. >> vacation danger. new deaths linked at tainted alcohol in central america overnight. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. back to school for a lot of kids this morning, got a long list, alameda unified, fremont union, franklin, vallejo -- >> just go back to school, everybody. >> west contra costa county. woo! and the day is just starting. >> marcus did his homework. >> get the


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